For A Life

We pray for others lives,

We want them to stay,

But what if it was their time,

What if we changed their fate?

What if their Spirit was ready, to make the journey home;

They seen the arms of angels calling,

They wanted to surrender and go.

Do we really know?

Why pray they should be here, if the light had come;

They lived their purpose, they made their mark.

Those we leave behind, always learn to heal;

So before we pray to keep the dying;

Ask why you need them here.

6 thoughts on “For A Life

  1. as i was leaving this plane a few ties , in the arms of complete peace surround by angels of light and love, slipping into the eternal bliss, a sleep of perfection, a voice called me back, and with great reluctance, returned to finish what is the destiny beyond my will…so i continue bhakti , is beyond our understanding, we are but parts and parcel of a greater plan….

    • Michael, I remember you. The voice, it comes from within and yet all around. There is no context to describe how this is. The mind cannot concieve it to express. I remember a hill, and the sky is rose, looking into enternity as the horizon. It reminds me why I came here. Love to you most wonderful heart, you reminded me again of the journey. My gratitude.

  2. death and dreaming all part of the journeys we take in exploration of our true selves as part of the great all, we have so much more to explore and learn on this great adventure and we are so much further on than we think we are 🙂 blessings and light to you on your journey

    • From my heart, my deepest gratitude for the compassion you have shared with me reading and sharing your light in reply to the poem. It was the intention to have those who read ponder the idea of how those we leave behind in grief may not understand the transformation of those leaving. That this is a honor to go home, it means we have completed a cycle of life we set out to do. A immaculate gift. We need to honor ths and bless them on their journey back to the light. My love and light to you all.

  3. Dear Reine Thank You
    I cannot express in words the joy I feel that our paths have crossed. I have long knowen that death is nothing more than a changing of perspective and have never feared it. Your light shines on the world and we are all uplifted by it’s glow. I will be back. Much love and many blessings to you.

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