Prayer Of Love


May your heart be heard across the great divide,
For the one you love, to give one more try.
May the Angels bless you,
May the stars caress your souls.
May the sorrows fade away today,
May the beautiful kiss of life embrace you close;
I know,
On this journey of healing, on this path of feeling true,
The arms you long to hold you,
The arms you want to die in,
I may not be.
In my deepest wish, with all the light I am,
I pray your hearts are healed today;
Together till the end.



2 thoughts on “Prayer Of Love

  1. Separation from a loved one is truly heart wrencching. My wife died 2 yrs ago. I miss her very much and wish that we hah had one more day to say our final goodbyes. Only 9 yrs together but i am thankful to God for that short time. We always said our love would be forever and forever and i look forward to seeing her again. Thanks again Reine for your gift to the world.

    • You will see her again, bless you both. We never really seperate, we just change vibrations. Love is forever, we have moments of strong emotions where it seems like it ends, it makes for good poetry. Truth is, we are just stopping here, sort of a imprint in time to heal some things and gain understanding (by our own choice to come here). It is hard for those of us left behind when one we love so dearly goes home. But there is joy in this as well, if we can step outside the pain and see this. See they have done AMAZING thing. They have completed a life cycle on earth. They endured and Spirit said enough, you need rest. A journey completed. The most immaculate and divine cycle. She came here and lived through it all, she learned and healed much. Now she will bring it all home and be engulfed in utter light and love for all she is. She will understand now why it all was the way it was. She feels your love even stronger and more pure because she is not dreaming anymore this life, she experiences YOUR Spirit directly. So shine your love to her and keep talking to her. KNOW, no doubts, she is with you in your heart.

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