A Moment Of Anger

A rush of adrenalin pulsing,

Words trigger emotion,

Love and devotion, twisted by confusion,

Why as humans, do we thrive on reactions

Is there really satisfaction,

When we break someone down?

Life has a sound, it comes from all around,

A quiet melody, it whispers like a dream.

Not always what it seems, we can misunderstand

Look at the reaching hand, directly.

What do you see, is it you, or is it me?

What makes you think, is what makes you believe.

What you know, is what makes you free.

Shift the paradigm, start from within.

Question the motivation, don’t just act on sensations,

There is more we cannot see.

What is in you, comes out through me.

I am a reflection of your dream.

What makes us run and hide, what fills us up with pride

What over loads the mind, thinking all the time.

Trying to erase, a moment or a face,

But can’t you see?

All this time, you are looking in through me.

All of what you found, all of what you feel,

All of these perceptions, where not just some ideal

They are the healing we reveal.

So when anger fuels a fire,

Let your soul just stop and see,

This is a gift to change you life,

Forgive and look within.

Blooming Heart

I am not sure what this flower is, but it was bloomed in my garden this morning. It is the most beautiful flower I have ever seen.

The most glorious gift to experience this morning. Mornings are sacred space, creation renewing us with breath and dawn.


Fragile petals unfold, delicate and silent

In the morning sun, no eyes lay upon it opening.

Nature whispers in benediction to Creation;

Wake and renew!

As I experience beauty of what IS,

I hear in the sunrise,

Let your true heart bloom.

The Eyes Of A Child

It was in these eyes, that truth spoke

It was in the smile, that brought me home

It was in the love you gave me, that saved me from myself

It was in that very moment, I know who I am

In these eyes, shined wonder

In these eyes, no fear

In that little heart, the world became clear

In these eyes, a reflection came through

So you took my hand and showed me who

Come play with me Mommy, don’t cry anymore

Come hug me and dance with me, you’re never alone

In these eyes, Spirit poured through

You are my glory, dear child I love you

The Still Heart Remembers

Beyond the clouds of fear and doubt, is the sun.

Beyond the illusion of time and seperation, there is light.

You are not lost child, you are healing.

The waves will come, some dark and deep.

Ride them, remember child, you swam the sea.

You are not your story, there is no glory in self pity.

No man on earth can give you what you need.

Your longing of love is for Thee.

Stop this seeking for approval, you are your own masterpiece.

Many tried to get through, but in your need, you cannot see.

Already perfected the star of the sea.

Return to where it started, open hearted, you must know,

Not believe.

Be still heart, just be where you are.

What is meant to be,  is not always what seems,

It is time for you to see your own light.

Who Am I

It has been sometime since I wrote an actual blog and not just poetry. I have told my ‘story’ of how I got to where I am at before in another blog, but so much happens to me so fast, it has all changed. Life is like that. Sometimes it is hard to keep up with it all. Before you have a chance to get used to a change, it already moves to the next one.

Some days a deep breath and trust gets you right through it; some days it feels like a storm and knocks me on my backside and I cry. Either way, it’s change.

This will be a random all over the place blog, as I am just going to free flow. From heart and mind to blog.

in 2008, I started my life over. I was married for 15 years and the fella left. This is old hat now, but I am sharing as some who read might not know this bit.

My ex found his soul mate and after years of on and off fighting we called it quits. I was a at home mom and had not worked in a long time seriously. Did some music stuff here and there, but not ‘work’.

I had been hit by a car in 2002 and had some injuries to my spine, so I was at this time working through some surgery I had to walk again. I was in and out of a wheelchair. Because of this, when my ex left, he could have left in a nicer way… but he left me on my own, 3 kids. I became homeless. I was in a shelter for over a year. At first I slept at my parents and then in my car a bit before the shelter. Yes, I know the car was not a good choice, but we really had nowhere to go. I started taking all sorts of classes to better myself. I was blessed with a grant and got an education as a Medical Assistant, EKG tech and phlebotomy. At this time, I was taking care of 3 kids, going to school, looking for a place to live and healing my spine. It was the most profound experience. I learned so much. The blessing of showing me gratitude was beyond words. My eyes were opened to so much around me. I began to see the light in these people who were so broken and filled with fear. These little children who just needed hope and love. I seen, the face of Spirit over and over. I know, no doubts this was the greatest thing that EVER happened to me. Many nights my children and I did not have food. I would go to the soup kitchen or to my Mom’s and get them some. I had no pride for my kids. I slept on a tile floor, roach infested kitchen in the shelter. Many nights my little one woke up screaming, the roaches were all over her. Many nights someone broke into our room and my stuff was all over. I had taken many a shower when the toilet upstairs was over flowing and had run down the shower walls. I knew though that this would teach me that need, and desire are two different things.

Many who I thought were ‘friends’ turned their backs on me. They were shamed of me. I understand though, they had different lessons then me and did not know how to relate. I had a lot of letting go. Letting go is never easy, but I never ever let go in anger and always, always keep what each person brought into my life at the time, in my heart. All people we met are part of our journeys.

The real amazing part of this all, my kids. These kids have been through more in just a few years of life, then most adults in a lifetime. They looked to me to keep them safe, and love them. That was the hardest part, as I felt I let them down. It took so very long to be able to say to myself, I did my best.  I still at times feel like I let them down. But I know they love me. I know they are wise beyond their years and see the lessons. If there is one blessing bestowed onto me, that would take me forever to thank Spirit for, it is allowing me to be their Mom. These little children shine like no words will ever express.

It took a few surgeries to get my spine healed, but I was in no way going to be told I am in a wheelchair. I decided to walk and walk. Miles. It was painful and sometimes I fell in the street. Folks would just gawk at me. I would laugh and work my way back. After a few months, I was walking without much pain and got my balance. I graduated school with flying colors. After many let downs, I was blessed with a landlord willing to work with me and was able to rent a house. I knew the second I was here this little house was special. It had the most immaculate trees and I could hear the sea. That very day, I took the kids here, we fell in love.

I quite literally kissed the earth.  I fell to my knees and thanked Spirit every day, still do. God, I still feel the exact same way as the moment I came here. I wake each day to birds singing and the sun streaming in. My heart sings to Spirit thank you.

A week after I graduated class, I did some work a internship in the ER of the hospital, but the hours were not good with 3 kids. I could not work overnight or 13 hour shifts, so I had to go. I was sent to a work site by the department of labor, it was a preschool. I was running the office for them for about 7 months. Now mind you, all this time my children’s dad had seen them about 4 times. He just sort of became a ghost. I did not mind working in the office, it was fast paced and I did well. But I knew I could give more. I learned so much from everything and wanted to help others. I began to pray and ask to be of service. Long before I knew it, the children began to open up to me. I was helping out here and there in the classes. These little angels had some serious life struggles as well. Many of the families where homeless and some of the parents were ill, from other countries trying to make their way, the children had severe learning challenges. I fell in love with them. I was asked if I would join the team for good.  ME! A teacher? I had just went to school for something utterly different. But I knew this was to be. Many things I was shown brought me there. It was a divine gift. I began to find the most immaculate truth in the children. I began to see the hope again in the eyes of the innocent. I was of service. I had the experience to guide the families because I knew what it was like to be there. They trust me. They open up and allow me to give them love and support. The children, bless. Truly, they are th divine teachers of all. I love with all my heart what I do.

in Feb of this year, I got a call my ex was in a fire and jumped from a 3 story building.  He was on life support. Shattered his spine, lungs collapsed and his his legs were broken in pieces. How do I tell my children? How can I? It has been a slow recovery for him, he is in a nursing home as of today, still trying to heal. I pray for him always and take the kids to see him as much as I can. We are close friends now. We are wonderful parents as friends. I also love his wonderful girlfriend who has stood buy his side through this all. Both of them shine together like the sun.

Fast forward. June 9th, I am sitting in my chair feeling pain, thought it was maybe heartburn or pulled muscle. Went away,I went to bed. Next day went to my Mom’s and was sitting at the table, pain comes back. Was going down my arm, into my neck. In my chest. I began to sweat and shake. I knew, not good. I was having a heart attack. At this time, I must admit, I had been going through some serious heartbreak. The hardest I ever known. I been through some heavy times. I had lost a baby, hit by a car, lost my ex, been homeless, in a wheelchair, but it did not hit me like this. Strange to some maybe that the other stuff did not break me. But, somehow, through the rest, I had no fear. I just knew it would be ok. I trusted. This time though, the heartbreak was way too much to bare. Because what had been my hope through a lot of this, my angel so to speak, seemed to push me away.

I also was dealing with my eldest child going through some anger and rightly so. She been through so much. I was also at this time driving back and forth to my EX to help him get sorted (he is miles and miles away) working, had a little fall and sorta tore my knee and needed surgery I could not afford. Somehow, bills piled up and I was being sent notes I was going to lose my home. I let it get to me this time. My heart could just not take it. I wound up with angioplasty and now some meds. It was all so fast. Like a dream. Like I was watching it happen to me. Not a part of it though.

Something changed. I came home and it felt like…. a emotional rollercoaster. I wanted to be loved more then ever. I felt like… life flashed before my eyes and I wanted to be loved and needed. It felt strange. Like in the hospital a surge of love, I felt prayers and light. When I got home… I felt alone. Deeply alone. I could not connect in my heart anymore. Everyone kept telling me, take care of yourself. I thought I was all along!

As I said, this blog is random, I have left out much. There is too much to even try to put into words. But this is where I am at now.

I feel profound love, but alone. I keep having those I trust walk away.  Every fear that should have broke me, did not. I seen the lesson. But right now, I am in a space I never was in before. I thought the more love I give, the more I’d feel. But it just makes folks run away. I cry every night and it feels like Spirit lied to me, like all the visions and angels lead me to someone/someplace that was not real. I made a fool of myself and just surrendered.

I am not sure what happend when I got home after the heart attack. I felt alone. I wanted to feel loved more then ever. I felt love, deep love and wanted to give and give. I thought if I give more then ever, it would break this and I would feel loved and needed. I wanted to be Reine again. The Reine that seen the lessons and needed no one. The Reine who could take it all and shine.

I somehow, lost her. I am losing all those I love. I been through so much and came so far, but this time, this… it got me. The one thing, got me.

I am sharing this because I have no fear of what others think. I know all ahve had somne life alttering experiences and will relate. I know some do fear and never can open up, but they need to know they will make it. They need support and hope. So I will share my story and suck it up if some don’t get my openness, because I know, it might help at least one, and to me, THAT one is the same worth as Spirit.

Right now, I am just going to be open and listen. Cry if need be and love in my heart quietly.  I may lose many I love, but I know when this life is over, they will see me for what I am. They will understand and so will I.


Life is transient

people are moments

smile when it hits you

cry when you need to

take it all in

then let it go.

It’s a long sunset

a wayward seagulls cry

a vague memory

a handful of sand

a shadow

a glistening of rain on the wind.


it is change

it’s a moving train

we always seem to get to it

when it’s pulling away

so we just stand

and wave

as it leaves.

so tip your hat

take a deep breath

put down the bags we carry

toss the ticket into the wind

walk along the tracks

find your soul again.

There is a road

no one really knows where it ends

it’s a game

You play your hand

keep your eye on the dealer

the promises he hands out are fake

We risk our hearts

so we can play

So you take off your hat

and scream

when you look down at your soul

it bleeds

now it’s just the tracks and me

left my shoes at the station

left my dignity on the platform

left my will to its journey

I just keep walking

somehow, someway

I ended up here

Not sure what the signs read

but my head is clear

I toss my faith to the land

I may return one day



Loner (words)

I’m a loner, don’t get close to me

I like to be free.

I am a loner, don’t try to love me;

I am a loner, trust is a illusion, I won’t fall into it again.

I am just making my way here, loving my children.

I am a loner, don’t need  handouts, don’t need no pity or advice.

I gave from a space of light.

I am a loner, even death don’t want me.

Life, it got me.

Don’t try to pull me in.

I have no friends.

I won’t harm another living thing, won’t lie or play games.

Best to stay in my own quiet space,

I am a loner.

I am done with the pain, the misunderstandings and shame.

I don’t need my heart to break anymore.

I close the door.

If loving too much is wrong, then I got too much to learn.

I did it all on my own, there were some dark nights alone.

Many nights as a child, locked in a closet, you think I can’t handle being deserted?

Well, here I am.

I been torn down many times, believed many lies,

In my heart, I never wanted to think others would try to put out my light.

So I loved blind.

I’ll never reach out again.

When I looked down at my hands, they were bleeding.

Because I loved too much.

I don’t need a crutch or someone to save me.

I am a loner, with the heart of a child, in this world of anger and emotional chaos, people who push and pull, I can’t fit in anymore.

Watch me fall.

I surrender to it all.

I got some words, and a heartbeat.

I am a loner, that’s all I need.

The Bamboo Boat

A story was told by the stones at the sea,

Many years ago grew the bamboo trees.

As the wind rose across the water, it danced in their leaves.

Nested in their shade, a silent sanctuary.

They were calm, they were peace.

The beauty called to man, ‘come sit with me’.

For many years, came an old man, he sat on the sand.

Still and quiet, he would smile at them.

No words spoken, only knowing, he was one with them.

Great storms blew the bamboo wild and bending,

He stood at the shore, of never ending rains.

He smiled just the same.

The stones would kiss his hands and feet.

The mysteries were revealed to him from the sea.

One day, in a deep breath, the sky opened and called to him.

Old man, as you asked – tides and time have passed;

In devotion, you sit at the oceans and give reverence.

Wisdom and sight has taught you much.

You listen, from the heart.

We watch your life, and all the passion you lived it.

With no regrets, you have surrendered to creation.

It is time to return to all that made you.

Sail to us.

The old man had a vision, a boat took him into  the heavens above;

With deep love,

The bamboo trees called his name.

Many moments you have spent, beneath our leaves.

You gave us purpose and need.

Now onto thee we give, our greatest gift;

Your freedom.

Take our shoots and build a raft, sail across the horizon.

The zen of living taught you much, now it is time to leave it.

We will be with you on your travels, the stones, the sun will all unravel now.

Trust your heart and bow in truth, for all that learned, for all that you knew.

Where you shall go, you’ve already known all along, in your golden life song.


So the old man with care, much gratitude and prayer, built the boat.

He knelt at the shore’s of stone, and kissed the sand.

With his bare hands he raised to the sky, I will fly he whispered.

The waves took him in, across the open;

He drifted into the vastness.

The shore waved goodbye, until we meet again;

With open eyes you will see, where you’ve always been.

A place you created, a space you meditated, shall never end.

In Spirit, you are everything.

The sun set, the boat became the witness to the story,

Of the infinite.