The Bamboo Boat

A story was told by the stones at the sea,

Many years ago grew the bamboo trees.

As the wind rose across the water, it danced in their leaves.

Nested in their shade, a silent sanctuary.

They were calm, they were peace.

The beauty called to man, ‘come sit with me’.

For many years, came an old man, he sat on the sand.

Still and quiet, he would smile at them.

No words spoken, only knowing, he was one with them.

Great storms blew the bamboo wild and bending,

He stood at the shore, of never ending rains.

He smiled just the same.

The stones would kiss his hands and feet.

The mysteries were revealed to him from the sea.

One day, in a deep breath, the sky opened and called to him.

Old man, as you asked – tides and time have passed;

In devotion, you sit at the oceans and give reverence.

Wisdom and sight has taught you much.

You listen, from the heart.

We watch your life, and all the passion you lived it.

With no regrets, you have surrendered to creation.

It is time to return to all that made you.

Sail to us.

The old man had a vision, a boat took him into  the heavens above;

With deep love,

The bamboo trees called his name.

Many moments you have spent, beneath our leaves.

You gave us purpose and need.

Now onto thee we give, our greatest gift;

Your freedom.

Take our shoots and build a raft, sail across the horizon.

The zen of living taught you much, now it is time to leave it.

We will be with you on your travels, the stones, the sun will all unravel now.

Trust your heart and bow in truth, for all that learned, for all that you knew.

Where you shall go, you’ve already known all along, in your golden life song.


So the old man with care, much gratitude and prayer, built the boat.

He knelt at the shore’s of stone, and kissed the sand.

With his bare hands he raised to the sky, I will fly he whispered.

The waves took him in, across the open;

He drifted into the vastness.

The shore waved goodbye, until we meet again;

With open eyes you will see, where you’ve always been.

A place you created, a space you meditated, shall never end.

In Spirit, you are everything.

The sun set, the boat became the witness to the story,

Of the infinite.

3 thoughts on “The Bamboo Boat

  1. The Bamboo Boat, Part II
    Inspired by Reine Amodeo
    By Joseph Anthony

    And so the old man sailed on the warm currents of air
    The clouds spread before him like rivers of snow.
    The old man stood on his bamboo boat, fairly surfing
    The waves of sky. And as he sailed he sang.
    And as he sang with his hands skimming the sea of clouds,
    Another voice joined his from out of the blue.
    The voice was the voice of a child. It came from within the Sun
    And shimmered around the old man like a shroud of sound.
    And as their two voices wove a silvery tapestry of spirit- a bass of earth and soprano of light-
    The old man caught sight of the child sailing towards him
    On a ship made of bamboo leaves and garlands of stars.
    And as the child drew near the old man reached out his hands.
    “You are my harbor,” sang the child.
    “You are my horizon,” sang the old man in reply.
    And as their ships sailed side by side,
    they held hands across the sky,
    Singing and sailing together as one, together
    Into the souls of one another, and into the sun
    Singing them home.

    • In am speechless. In utter awe. Your vision and sight is healing. Returning to the innocence. Tears of beauty fill my heart reading this dear man. my deepest gratitude for this beautiful piece. You shine!

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