Life is transient

people are moments

smile when it hits you

cry when you need to

take it all in

then let it go.

It’s a long sunset

a wayward seagulls cry

a vague memory

a handful of sand

a shadow

a glistening of rain on the wind.


it is change

it’s a moving train

we always seem to get to it

when it’s pulling away

so we just stand

and wave

as it leaves.

so tip your hat

take a deep breath

put down the bags we carry

toss the ticket into the wind

walk along the tracks

find your soul again.

There is a road

no one really knows where it ends

it’s a game

You play your hand

keep your eye on the dealer

the promises he hands out are fake

We risk our hearts

so we can play

So you take off your hat

and scream

when you look down at your soul

it bleeds

now it’s just the tracks and me

left my shoes at the station

left my dignity on the platform

left my will to its journey

I just keep walking

somehow, someway

I ended up here

Not sure what the signs read

but my head is clear

I toss my faith to the land

I may return one day




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