The Eyes Of A Child

It was in these eyes, that truth spoke

It was in the smile, that brought me home

It was in the love you gave me, that saved me from myself

It was in that very moment, I know who I am

In these eyes, shined wonder

In these eyes, no fear

In that little heart, the world became clear

In these eyes, a reflection came through

So you took my hand and showed me who

Come play with me Mommy, don’t cry anymore

Come hug me and dance with me, you’re never alone

In these eyes, Spirit poured through

You are my glory, dear child I love you


3 thoughts on “The Eyes Of A Child

  1. Beautiful post, Reine.

    In my experience I did see fear in the eyes of my 3 beautiful children. For they could see I wasn’t living in a way that really put them first. They sensed the pain, and saw the pain, and watched me run from distraction to distraction, new therapy to new therapy, new religion to new religion–obsession to obsession. And all of this scared my kids—I was unpredictable and self-involved. I hope I never forget the fear in their eyes the times I lost my temper. I do not share these things to beat myself up. Today my kids and I have the best relationship–we share our dreams, laugh, play, pray, sing–in short, we love each other–truly. And I owe that to having mentors that helped me learn how to live–live responsibly FOR my kids–not in spite of them. I had to grow up. And by learning to move through the pain I mentioned to you in an earlier comment, I have been released from the past and from the old, obsessive, self-centered ways where everything had to be a highly emotionally-charged drama in order to mean anything. I had to learn to ask for, and follow, directions from other people. And so today my life is simpler. I have relationships with my inner child, the Divine Child, and my 3 sons that help sustain me. A sweet, unexpected innocence, blended with a fierce desire to live my dreams and help others do the same, burns brightly and steadily in my soul. But I need to remember (not in a morbid way), but in a true way, the damage I am capable of doing–the insecurity at my unpredictability that shone from my children’s eyes—the damage I have done. There are many amends to make. I need to stay on the road I am on–the road to freedom. And it is the mentors and teachers, my children, and connections with people like you, the muse, and Spirit that keep me moving. Blessings, Joseph

    • Dear Joseph, from my heart thank you for your open heart sharing with me. I am in awe with all you have experienced and learned. It has helped me much over the last few weeks now. Much love and light to you and you beautiful family. My gratitude always.

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