The Still Heart Remembers

Beyond the clouds of fear and doubt, is the sun.

Beyond the illusion of time and seperation, there is light.

You are not lost child, you are healing.

The waves will come, some dark and deep.

Ride them, remember child, you swam the sea.

You are not your story, there is no glory in self pity.

No man on earth can give you what you need.

Your longing of love is for Thee.

Stop this seeking for approval, you are your own masterpiece.

Many tried to get through, but in your need, you cannot see.

Already perfected the star of the sea.

Return to where it started, open hearted, you must know,

Not believe.

Be still heart, just be where you are.

What is meant to be,  is not always what seems,

It is time for you to see your own light.

3 thoughts on “The Still Heart Remembers

    • You dear man, open my heart beyond words. I have thought about all you shared with me today. PLEASE know, I value and cherish your light. I am grateful to have met you, honored to call you a friend. All my love David. You SHINE

  1. Likewise Reine – can I say dearest sister? sound’s strange I know but it’s what I feel through all those the little tweets and posts I’ve come to value so much from you over the years.

    You’re so right – our soul longs for the one you felt as you wrote your words above. That one needs no name.

    Perhaps that man was your soul mate – I can tell you it can be one of the most painful relationships we can ever know – and how else would it be when that love exposes everything and can hide nothing… For the best of us, we’d hope to run from that rather than feel the personal pain that come flooding our of our soul.

    You’re intuition which is so pure in you will know the answer to that one – no matter how hard that answer is, trust the gift you have in yourself… because it is a beautiful gift, to be cherished and loved like you do your little girl.

    As you probably know there’s will be so much calamity starting to happen, who knows where we may met – perhaps not here, perhaps on the other shore. As you know life does not end – its is only the beginning of a wonderful journey towards growing infinitely in love.

    Peace and love to you


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