A Moment Of Anger

A rush of adrenalin pulsing,

Words trigger emotion,

Love and devotion, twisted by confusion,

Why as humans, do we thrive on reactions

Is there really satisfaction,

When we break someone down?

Life has a sound, it comes from all around,

A quiet melody, it whispers like a dream.

Not always what it seems, we can misunderstand

Look at the reaching hand, directly.

What do you see, is it you, or is it me?

What makes you think, is what makes you believe.

What you know, is what makes you free.

Shift the paradigm, start from within.

Question the motivation, don’t just act on sensations,

There is more we cannot see.

What is in you, comes out through me.

I am a reflection of your dream.

What makes us run and hide, what fills us up with pride

What over loads the mind, thinking all the time.

Trying to erase, a moment or a face,

But can’t you see?

All this time, you are looking in through me.

All of what you found, all of what you feel,

All of these perceptions, where not just some ideal

They are the healing we reveal.

So when anger fuels a fire,

Let your soul just stop and see,

This is a gift to change you life,

Forgive and look within.

2 thoughts on “A Moment Of Anger

  1. The storm swelled and rumbled down
    the mountainside, spilling into the valley below.
    It whirled through the fields, like wild horses, nostrils flaring,
    eyes of fire.
    It is no use trying to rein in the rain, the thunder,
    the flashing lightening.
    Learn to dance with the unavoidable passions of the world,
    gather and harness their energy through the earth and sky, through your body, and soul
    —transform it into holy fire, the kind used to resurrect the dead,
    heal the sick, and love with all the ferocity and wild intensity
    of the Beloved looking for you.

    • Dance with the fire, entwined with the beloved
      Envelpoe the rain, release the flame
      Turn the energy of anger and shame,
      Into the light, of healing lame
      In their pain, we are the same
      Kiss their spirits
      Shine the way

      Thank you Joseph, you are a very dear friend that I cherish. Blessings always.

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