Praying Heart (For the Eagle’s Wings)

Dear heart pray,

The love you know now,

Is here to stay.

Quiet your racing mind,

Hush the need to know the end of life.

Still your rushing thoughts, you are not your mind.

Walking right beside, the wolf, the eagle and the Spirit light.

Let Angels hold your heart.

Allow the feeling to wash over your eyes.

From the center of creation, a deep meditation starts.

In your soul shines a star, it reaches far.

Breathe deep dear man, remember how you came so far.

The space of Heaven is all you are.

As you once walked through the gate,

Life was your hands of fate, greeting you in the mist

The promise.

Find this again.

Know the kind hands lifting you, are holding true.

You cannot go back to sleep, for once the kiss of trust comes to thee,

You begin your journey, again.

Allow the healing in.

You called across the sky, as your Spirit flies;

Stood at the quay of the great divide, was the beacon of light.

Warm and divine.

Now as you wake, unfolding in your empty space;


Never shall you bleed again, when you open from within.

Let the rain pour down your soul,

This will make you whole, hold you close, keep the flame from going cold.


Kneel in grass,

Lay on the earth,

Know all you are worth.

Sit by the river’s bend, run again dear friend,

For in your heart is the great winds.

Take to the mountains, soar!

The love you are searching for, never left.

In the deepest breath, beyond belief, is peace.

Creation is meeting you on the cusp of all the tears you weep.

Trust why you came to be.

Know, without a doubt, love is everything.

SHINE your beauty, for ALL to see.

One thought on “Praying Heart (For the Eagle’s Wings)

  1. what a beautiful poem – the storyline and the atmosphere reflects so well the life and culture of the native Americans.
    During the last years of his life my father did a lot of travelling and visiting native Indian families in the deep South-West and and was inaugurated in a Navaho clan. There was so much recognition between their culture and his Jewish heritage. He wrote a book about their lives: Listen, white man.

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