Journey Of The Seahorses

In a deep dream, across the nocturnal sea;
An echo reached a seahorse sleeping.
Come dance with me, as stars in a stream;
A million mysteries in this galaxy.
Returning home, then back to the sea;
They swim in two worlds, endlessly.
A gentle creature, his love is grace;
The Echo in stillness, resonates.
Bring peace and serenity, through eternity;
All who need, will experience the tranquility.
Embraced on a journey, allowing the flow,
This is the story, of the seahorse and echo.

Burning Flame


As this heart falls asleep, I hear a calling across a sea,

As I wake, I hear another break.

As I sit under the tree, I hear the winds whisper to me

As stillness seeps, I experience his Spirit dance with me.

As I watch the sun set, I feel his melody across my breath

As the stars collide, his prayers open my soul wide.

As he paints the mountain range, I see the stories forming.

He is the other half of me,

Flames entwined for eternity.

As my heart gave way, his light healed that space;

As my tears began to fall, his love called

He caught my fall.

When he walked away, my world became blank

But my heart stayed true;

Even when I asked it not to.

When he broke in two, my whole being wanted to pull him through.

Life is such a gift to cherish,

To join the flames, is to help humanity;

To become harmony, to heal, feel, create and shine the light.

Heaven bought us to meet in this life, let us bond our eyes,

Let us hold hands, walk across th sands,

Make love at night.

Let no more days go by, we are not side by side.

Come home again.

Love Is Not a Game

Love is not a game, it’s not a maybe or will see.

Love is not a fleeting emotion, dancing in the breeze.

Love is not confusion, love is not pain;

Love is not some promise in the moment,

Love will never be shame.

Love does not have fear, love does not despair;

Love is not some vague expression, leaving you in tears.

Love is not desperate, love is not secret,

Love will be eternal, when you truly mean it.

Love is a sacred gift,  that  always will inspire;

Love is a heart of depth, raging with a fire.

Love is beauty revealed, love is always trust,

Love is a truth so perfectly seen, it creates miracles.

Love is what we are, love is how we came,

So before you say I love you,

Understand the meaning.

She Left

Who are you calling across the barrier?

She has left, turned to morphing matter.

Who do you wait for, in the darkest night?

Look to the Arcturians, to see her light.

Life is simplicity, when we clearly see

A moment is fragments of eternity.

Smile at the stars, she is finally free.

Geometric Intonation

The universal protractor is designing;
A orbital realigning
A sound beams across the cosmic train,
A geometric intonation plays.
The Holy Grails wake.
Each octave is DNA,
Each note is a frequency.
Within humanity is the Ionic waves,
Spreading across the galaxy.
Resonant tones change the energy,
Light is a pattern of infinity.
Chromosomes infuse with interstellar crystalline hues,
Here is the key, to immortality.
Your symphony of divinity.
We are multidimensional harmony,
Watch the sky,
We are coming.


I am the ripples across the sea;
I am felt in everybody.
I am intention, emotion, devotion.
I am the stillness, the sanctuary.
On the surface, I glisten, as the solar kiss of spirit dances on my being.
Beneath, I am peaceful, as my water runs deep.
Along my shoreline, are stones, they are echoes of lives.
I step with compassion, and hold each with light.
I am the horizon that infuses the mind.
I am the moment of healing sublime.
Here are the sands, each grain a life,
Together in creation we’re the infinit shorline.
I am Heaven,
I am home,
I always was.
It has come, in this space reveals;
Welcome children, the new dawn is here.


Soft rain gathers  upon my lips,

A smile forms deeply.

A warm kiss gathers in my mind.

Who will pull me that close, who will whisper love?

I have so very much to give, Spirit knows this.

I would shine like the universe, to know I was worth such a moment.

I have swam the deepest pains, now it’s time for peace in the rain.

Even if for a short time, I beg all creation, please let me share my life.

I trust with all my existence, I promise to cherish and lift him,

I will rise in the morning light, with the stars in my eyes

I will flourish across the skies.

I beg, in the deepest prayer,

One last time, to bring him near.

I Am Sorry (She IS The rain) A prayer.

A heart called across the world, in need of light and love;

I tried with all the prayers and compassion to reach inside their heart.

Instead, I tore them apart.

In the darkest hours, tears began to fall;

Angels surrounded his life with love.

A hundred wings covered his soul.

WE won’t let go.

Please, beautiful Spirit you need to know, how your life glows.

As you said my name, it brought the rain.

You called for change.

In the mercy of a million years, we came to break your fears.

The pain you feel, is guiding you to heal.

Here I kneel, before the thrones of Heaven,

On behalf of Creation;

How I wish I could show you the salvation.

The light encased your being,

Shine immaculate Leslie.

A soft and gentle man, who stood in the pouring waters,

The floods rise and wash clean;

So you can be free.

Look in the mirror of infinity – see;

All your beauty.

You are the Eagle,

Fly like the winds.

Sonic Souls

In between heartbeat and breath,

There are seven tones of resonance.

A siren spins, prisms of heaven.

Each dimension exists, in the sonic halos of intonation;

A million points of light gathering, in the center of our being.


The Universe rings, there is a perfect melody;

Break through the borders with fluidity,

Illuminating and transcending, infinite harmony of peace.

In the solar pulsing, we reach;

In the stillness we teach,

we were the dreamers, we are now awake.

Moments created, imprint and fade into the stream;

There is a river of creation, flowing over humanity.

Capture the beauty, in simplicity;

Shift the energy, the perfect polarity of love shines;

We are the ancients, eons of light.

In your eyes, we are the stars,

In your world, we are the doors;

A symphony in the sunrise,

A sonata in the moonlight,

A masterpiece on the shore.

The music is the axis,

Where sonic love is born.


I am change;

Call me by name.

I am the rain,

To clear the pain.

You asked in the darkest hours, for clarity;

Can you see?

The break in the perception,

The wake of the heart from the dream.

There is no concept or safe space,

To heal, all fear must erase.

Brought to the surface of your life,

All the wrongs to make right.

Your soul calls across the divide,

We hear your tears in the light.

What is shattered is new,

Trust the reconstruction of you.

What no longer serves, must now go.

You no longer need all the stones.

The mind became rattled and weak,

You asked for the answers you seek.

Know in the falling, your truth is calling.

Stop spinning in the circle of life,

Standing beside is your guide;

You know the way home,

You let your emotions overload.

You let others try to change who you are;

We see you gentle heart, as the star.

Your purpose is pure of intention,

Her love is divine intervention.

Listen, the echo is true;

Waiting, for you to come through.