I am change;

Call me by name.

I am the rain,

To clear the pain.

You asked in the darkest hours, for clarity;

Can you see?

The break in the perception,

The wake of the heart from the dream.

There is no concept or safe space,

To heal, all fear must erase.

Brought to the surface of your life,

All the wrongs to make right.

Your soul calls across the divide,

We hear your tears in the light.

What is shattered is new,

Trust the reconstruction of you.

What no longer serves, must now go.

You no longer need all the stones.

The mind became rattled and weak,

You asked for the answers you seek.

Know in the falling, your truth is calling.

Stop spinning in the circle of life,

Standing beside is your guide;

You know the way home,

You let your emotions overload.

You let others try to change who you are;

We see you gentle heart, as the star.

Your purpose is pure of intention,

Her love is divine intervention.

Listen, the echo is true;

Waiting, for you to come through.


4 thoughts on “AM

    • Brandon, Joseph, Wynono from my heart, thank you. To somehow inspire is the deepest honor in my life. You each shine a beautiful light here and your words are a blessing for us all. Much love and light to you each. My gratitude runs very deep.

  1. Hi Reine,

    Thank you for your beautiful AM. It inspired me to write the first rhyming poem I’ve written in years. Thanks you.

    The opening waves through the darkest of days
    The wishes of heaven are born in the pain,
    Relief arrives at the most perfect of times
    Manifesting as morning or sweet children’s rhymes,
    Above and below there are treasures to seek,
    The touch of a hand or the tear on a cheek,
    The feather of breath from the dear sleeping child,
    Their watery kisses so tender and mild,
    The cool of the ground or the cool of the stream,
    Treasures are woven through all of our dreams.
    Unto to us all there are bright children born,
    Who sail on the ships of the glorious morn,
    Rise and sing and wave with the wheat,
    Sway with the cornfields and dance in the streets,
    Heaven is open and ever will be,
    Love is the doorway and Love is the key,
    Love is the path and will ever be so,
    Love is the garden that blossoms and grows.

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