Sonic Souls

In between heartbeat and breath,

There are seven tones of resonance.

A siren spins, prisms of heaven.

Each dimension exists, in the sonic halos of intonation;

A million points of light gathering, in the center of our being.


The Universe rings, there is a perfect melody;

Break through the borders with fluidity,

Illuminating and transcending, infinite harmony of peace.

In the solar pulsing, we reach;

In the stillness we teach,

we were the dreamers, we are now awake.

Moments created, imprint and fade into the stream;

There is a river of creation, flowing over humanity.

Capture the beauty, in simplicity;

Shift the energy, the perfect polarity of love shines;

We are the ancients, eons of light.

In your eyes, we are the stars,

In your world, we are the doors;

A symphony in the sunrise,

A sonata in the moonlight,

A masterpiece on the shore.

The music is the axis,

Where sonic love is born.

One thought on “Sonic Souls

  1. After reading your post these thoughts came to mind.
    Thank you for the inspiration.

    The time of change has arrived
    Fear not the change allow it to flow
    You spirit understands what you mind cannot
    Open your heart and let your spirit free

    The light you see comes from us all
    Let you eyes see the light of creation
    Let you soul bath in it’s light
    Open you heart and let your spirit free

    The time for sleep is over and mankind must choose
    Only those with an open heart will see the beauty of the cosmos
    Release your fears and let you voice sing out
    Open you heart and let your spirit free

    The energy in the universe is in constant shift
    Allow the energy to flow over you
    Bath you soul in the energy and renew you heart
    Open you heart and let your spirit free


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