I Am Sorry (She IS The rain) A prayer.

A heart called across the world, in need of light and love;

I tried with all the prayers and compassion to reach inside their heart.

Instead, I tore them apart.

In the darkest hours, tears began to fall;

Angels surrounded his life with love.

A hundred wings covered his soul.

WE won’t let go.

Please, beautiful Spirit you need to know, how your life glows.

As you said my name, it brought the rain.

You called for change.

In the mercy of a million years, we came to break your fears.

The pain you feel, is guiding you to heal.

Here I kneel, before the thrones of Heaven,

On behalf of Creation;

How I wish I could show you the salvation.

The light encased your being,

Shine immaculate Leslie.

A soft and gentle man, who stood in the pouring waters,

The floods rise and wash clean;

So you can be free.

Look in the mirror of infinity – see;

All your beauty.

You are the Eagle,

Fly like the winds.

One thought on “I Am Sorry (She IS The rain) A prayer.

  1. Darling Thanks you – you are the angel in my life and I cherish your words as if they were spoken by my own heart. WIth your support the Eagle has learned to fly free again and will cross the ocean to greet you.

    Until we meet my love travel before me.


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