Burning Flame


As this heart falls asleep, I hear a calling across a sea,

As I wake, I hear another break.

As I sit under the tree, I hear the winds whisper to me

As stillness seeps, I experience his Spirit dance with me.

As I watch the sun set, I feel his melody across my breath

As the stars collide, his prayers open my soul wide.

As he paints the mountain range, I see the stories forming.

He is the other half of me,

Flames entwined for eternity.

As my heart gave way, his light healed that space;

As my tears began to fall, his love called

He caught my fall.

When he walked away, my world became blank

But my heart stayed true;

Even when I asked it not to.

When he broke in two, my whole being wanted to pull him through.

Life is such a gift to cherish,

To join the flames, is to help humanity;

To become harmony, to heal, feel, create and shine the light.

Heaven bought us to meet in this life, let us bond our eyes,

Let us hold hands, walk across th sands,

Make love at night.

Let no more days go by, we are not side by side.

Come home again.


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