Love Is Not a Game

Love is not a game, it’s not a maybe or will see.

Love is not a fleeting emotion, dancing in the breeze.

Love is not confusion, love is not pain;

Love is not some promise in the moment,

Love will never be shame.

Love does not have fear, love does not despair;

Love is not some vague expression, leaving you in tears.

Love is not desperate, love is not secret,

Love will be eternal, when you truly mean it.

Love is a sacred gift,  that  always will inspire;

Love is a heart of depth, raging with a fire.

Love is beauty revealed, love is always trust,

Love is a truth so perfectly seen, it creates miracles.

Love is what we are, love is how we came,

So before you say I love you,

Understand the meaning.

3 thoughts on “Love Is Not a Game

    • Dear heart, I will aways be a friend to show support and love. I am beyond so proud of you for seeing and being all you are. You will help many find their light too. Keep shining beatiful shadow! {hug} Love and light!

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