I am the ripples across the sea;
I am felt in everybody.
I am intention, emotion, devotion.
I am the stillness, the sanctuary.
On the surface, I glisten, as the solar kiss of spirit dances on my being.
Beneath, I am peaceful, as my water runs deep.
Along my shoreline, are stones, they are echoes of lives.
I step with compassion, and hold each with light.
I am the horizon that infuses the mind.
I am the moment of healing sublime.
Here are the sands, each grain a life,
Together in creation we’re the infinit shorline.
I am Heaven,
I am home,
I always was.
It has come, in this space reveals;
Welcome children, the new dawn is here.

2 thoughts on “Ripples

    • I am humbled and grateful for the moment you have taken to read and leave me a kind comment. To somehow inspire in any way is a gift to my soul. Love and light to you Jeff. Thank you.

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