Ask (It IS Yours)

Ask of me, it will be yours.
If in my reach, it shall be done.
If it seems impossible, I will create a miracle.
I cherish thee, as the light of the sun.
Ask of me, I will give with my heart.
If it does not reach, I will call on the stars.
I love thee, as the peace of the sea.
Ask of me, I will serve with light.
If the darkness falls, I will call angels to guide.
I see thee, as the siren of creation, from all I am;
from infinite truth, from the beautiful blue, my prayers of Heaven, I give to you.


Don’t hide your eyes and cry soft one,
This is how you feel;
They do not grasp to say I am sorry,
To help the hurt to heal.
Cover up or ignore their actions, this is how some survive,
To them saying sorry is admitting they hurt you, they can’t see this with their eyes.
Waves of sorrow fills your heart, as you try to understand;
Why would someone get your hopes up – to leave you hardly standing?
Fear of losing all they have,
Fear of change;
Fear of starting over again,
Fear of feeling pain.
Fear is what makes some burn the trust – or choose to run away.
Still you pray.

In the hours of early morn, we hear your song of love.
In the sentient night, we hear your light shine.
In the stillness of Nature, we hear you asking for answers.
Some are stuck in a pattern, one they cannot shatter, a simple matter – yet they sit in the center of repeat.
This is part of the journey, this is why we reach.
Shift from belief, know the energy.
In the beautiful poems, the deep devotion, the sacred intention,
You ask for intervention, for mercy.
Once again we tried, once again we whispered and guided, but free will is blinding and must be honored.
We cannot interfere, with how some shut out what they hear.
Dear one, we know why you cry, allow the waters of life.
Lest no man judge, lest no man give false union.
What lay in the center of your heart, shines like a star.
We will guide the rest of your healing, keep feeling;
Trust all you are.
Brought here in love,
This will carry you home.

Circles OF Light

Eternal are they, beings of light

They reach from beyond,  as one.

They are eons of elders, they are us resonating.

They bring love and teach, their presence is peace always.

In the spheres of illumination, there is perfection,

We need to listen to the messages and lessons.

Many worlds dilate wide, they ask we open our minds and see;

There is a universe reaching.

Some sound a siren of sacred tones, they raise our vibrations to guide us home.

In their hum, are prisms of light,

Creating a symphony of immaculate shine.

Just beyond ether, just beyond sight, are billions of orbs kissing our hearts.

Levels open, energy shifts, the portals are open to the multiverse.

Welcome their collective, hear and be still;

Ascension is calling, may we all walk through.

Heal (A Prayer)

In the truest moment of a life,
A heart opens wide.
From the most sincere space,
If you could only see, the immaculate love pour over thee.
Know in your strife, in this pain and fear;
Your apology is heard so clear.
What you believe to be punishment, is mercy to heal.
It is seen, your agony, what you have come through in this confusing dream.
Nightmares of fire, engulfed in the flames, the fall from your calling, your wounds that remain.
In this very moment, as you beg and call, there are angels and prayers encasing your soul.
Take a deep breath, hold still;
We know this will take, all of your will.
The tears you cry are waters of life, releasing each memory, one at a time.
You are forgiven, you came here to learn, the path you have taken, will help you return.
It is known, you cannot see, through the confusion and chaos causing misery.
Be still child.
Close your eyes, drift to sleep, inside this space, the light can reach.
For every wound across your life, there is grace;
Making it right.
Choices made now, are from understanding;
What broke you in pieces, is now mending.
What tore flesh, what cracked bone, is divine blessing, to bring you home.
You are not alone.
So on your knees, this weary night;
Know you are healing, one breath at a time.

Bless you always in love and light

The Forest

Sit still child, allow the silence to envelope thee.
Here you shall find each breath becomes fluidity.
In this space, Nature’s grace teaches deeply.
Come softly into the forest children, lay beneath the healing trees.
Set down your woe, your fear and complexity;
Allow the energy to reach;
In the solace of the roots and earth, life begins to speak.
All you are reveals in creation, all you ask becomes revelation.
Silence is meditation for Spirit.
Follow the whispers to the sky, the wind dances and falls;
In the leaves you will see, the light that shines in us all.
The Elders teach in the woodland, a gift to remind us of home;
Go with reverence and love in the forest;
Leave this space in gratitude.