The Forest

Sit still child, allow the silence to envelope thee.
Here you shall find each breath becomes fluidity.
In this space, Nature’s grace teaches deeply.
Come softly into the forest children, lay beneath the healing trees.
Set down your woe, your fear and complexity;
Allow the energy to reach;
In the solace of the roots and earth, life begins to speak.
All you are reveals in creation, all you ask becomes revelation.
Silence is meditation for Spirit.
Follow the whispers to the sky, the wind dances and falls;
In the leaves you will see, the light that shines in us all.
The Elders teach in the woodland, a gift to remind us of home;
Go with reverence and love in the forest;
Leave this space in gratitude.

4 thoughts on “The Forest

    • Blessings and light to you Roadsterlady. I am deeply grateful for the moment you have taken to read and leave a note. You shine! Love and peace to you.

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