Heal (A Prayer)

In the truest moment of a life,
A heart opens wide.
From the most sincere space,
If you could only see, the immaculate love pour over thee.
Know in your strife, in this pain and fear;
Your apology is heard so clear.
What you believe to be punishment, is mercy to heal.
It is seen, your agony, what you have come through in this confusing dream.
Nightmares of fire, engulfed in the flames, the fall from your calling, your wounds that remain.
In this very moment, as you beg and call, there are angels and prayers encasing your soul.
Take a deep breath, hold still;
We know this will take, all of your will.
The tears you cry are waters of life, releasing each memory, one at a time.
You are forgiven, you came here to learn, the path you have taken, will help you return.
It is known, you cannot see, through the confusion and chaos causing misery.
Be still child.
Close your eyes, drift to sleep, inside this space, the light can reach.
For every wound across your life, there is grace;
Making it right.
Choices made now, are from understanding;
What broke you in pieces, is now mending.
What tore flesh, what cracked bone, is divine blessing, to bring you home.
You are not alone.
So on your knees, this weary night;
Know you are healing, one breath at a time.

Bless you always in love and light


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