Circles OF Light

Eternal are they, beings of light

They reach from beyond,  as one.

They are eons of elders, they are us resonating.

They bring love and teach, their presence is peace always.

In the spheres of illumination, there is perfection,

We need to listen to the messages and lessons.

Many worlds dilate wide, they ask we open our minds and see;

There is a universe reaching.

Some sound a siren of sacred tones, they raise our vibrations to guide us home.

In their hum, are prisms of light,

Creating a symphony of immaculate shine.

Just beyond ether, just beyond sight, are billions of orbs kissing our hearts.

Levels open, energy shifts, the portals are open to the multiverse.

Welcome their collective, hear and be still;

Ascension is calling, may we all walk through.

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