Don’t hide your eyes and cry soft one,
This is how you feel;
They do not grasp to say I am sorry,
To help the hurt to heal.
Cover up or ignore their actions, this is how some survive,
To them saying sorry is admitting they hurt you, they can’t see this with their eyes.
Waves of sorrow fills your heart, as you try to understand;
Why would someone get your hopes up – to leave you hardly standing?
Fear of losing all they have,
Fear of change;
Fear of starting over again,
Fear of feeling pain.
Fear is what makes some burn the trust – or choose to run away.
Still you pray.

In the hours of early morn, we hear your song of love.
In the sentient night, we hear your light shine.
In the stillness of Nature, we hear you asking for answers.
Some are stuck in a pattern, one they cannot shatter, a simple matter – yet they sit in the center of repeat.
This is part of the journey, this is why we reach.
Shift from belief, know the energy.
In the beautiful poems, the deep devotion, the sacred intention,
You ask for intervention, for mercy.
Once again we tried, once again we whispered and guided, but free will is blinding and must be honored.
We cannot interfere, with how some shut out what they hear.
Dear one, we know why you cry, allow the waters of life.
Lest no man judge, lest no man give false union.
What lay in the center of your heart, shines like a star.
We will guide the rest of your healing, keep feeling;
Trust all you are.
Brought here in love,
This will carry you home.

2 thoughts on “Feel

  1. Reine,

    The wisdom of your words burn in my heart like the flames of eternal love. I cannot do this on my own; you know I still ache for the DIVINE UNION. Even as healing has been brought through the stream of tears and pain; I walk the path again. I rejoice in the healing already given and offer my trust again, KNOWING I must surrender all. Thank you my friend. This journey is one of painful joy I travel because of truth, love, light and all that is meant to bring my shadow into the DIVINE LIGHT that is ONE. Thanks again for your beautiful words of truth as I travel toward HOME!

    Love and Light to you! Chuck

    • Chuck, we never journey on our own. We are surrounded by love. Healing is on-going. As long as we allow what needs to heal to come to the surface
      and not judge of beat ourselves up for it, we will heal. Do not worry what others think. Heal at your own pace. the beauty of it all, WE set the pace, we create it all, we can heal it all. Spirit can guide us when we move into that space. Here is a video I know will impact you. I promise it is beyond worth watching. Robert Young is a healer and light worker. Listen to what he teaches…

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