Sit in the warmth of this place;
Here is solitude.
A gift of sacred space, where you can jut be.
Come close your eyes and breathe.
In the tall grass and gentle breeze;
Here is simplicity.
Born is a moment; quiet is the mind, bright is the light.
What was once a reaching tree to the sky;
Is now an invitation to release.
As you sit in tranquility – you are the tree child.
Your dreams the trunk, your wild abandon the branches, your memories the leaves.
Dance in Spirit with the wind.
Your truth, the roots that drink so deeply.
Grow and flourish under the call of spring;
Let go and renew in the autumn’s retreat.
In summer – thrive and be all that is alive.
In winter, resonate healing and peace.
Here you are beauty.
Come and know this solitude;
It all begins with you.


Make love to me as I sleep;
Reach me in the dream.
Kiss me between each heartbeat and breath;
We become fluidity.
In the hollow of my spine, let your fingers trace,
Solar flares as chills appear, and flush across my face.
As you move with me, the velvet sky falls;
As we blend and reach beyond, our union in fire calls.
In the center pulses, a indigo spinning star;
As you take me through this space, our love will make us one.
Touch me till I wither, taste me as I drip,
Explore me as I whisper your name;
Entwined we are in Spirit.
In your eyes I feel beauty,
In your hands I know energy,
In your lips I experience enternity,
In our release we are infinite.


As wind, I am freedom.
I am clarity, beauty and peace.
As wind, I am life;
I fill the deepest moments on the faces of children.
I am movement, endless, wild and wonderous.
As wind, I am element.
I feed the fire, I lift the wings of nature.
As wind, I am swept and majestic.
I am the living experience of trust, that what is not seen, encases us.
As the wind, I am the Master of the atmosphere.
Within me, you are consciousness.

Many Moons And Suns

Many moons and many suns, came to pass as the change begun.
In the canyons the wild cries, heard from the land and rained from the skies.
Sacred earth her horizon shifts, her rivers rise and her people listen.
We are children, the Elders are teaching;
In the trees, the creatures and air we breathe – lessons.
Sit with Creation, sit as Nature, what we become, we can feel,
Is the space we have the light to heal – it all.
Chant your blessings, there is fire in your eyes;
Be one in stillness, kiss the skies.
Gather in thanks, move close to peace;
In your heart, the answers reach.
Share your wisdom, open your hands;
Take responsibility for our lands.
Help each other to understand, this is our chance;
To re-create man.


Please, I ask for understanding;
My love is for everybody.
Please, I ask for compassion;
To be of service is my calling.
Please, I ask for patience;
So many are in need.
Please, I ask for no judgement;
My light shines for all to see.
Please, I ask for space;
My Spirit is flying free.
Please; I ask for stillness;
Here is my sacred solitude;
Please know I ask of this, in deepest gratitude.
Please, I ask, will you listen;
With an open heart;
For in that space we are all connected,
Soaring in the stars.
Please, I ask all divine creation, through the deepest blue,
To kiss your soul and guide you whole;
to reveal the truth to you.