As wind, I am freedom.
I am clarity, beauty and peace.
As wind, I am life;
I fill the deepest moments on the faces of children.
I am movement, endless, wild and wonderous.
As wind, I am element.
I feed the fire, I lift the wings of nature.
As wind, I am swept and majestic.
I am the living experience of trust, that what is not seen, encases us.
As the wind, I am the Master of the atmosphere.
Within me, you are consciousness.


2 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. The magic I feel in your words
    Lifts up my spirit and they fly with the birds
    The Eagle has flow into the sky
    Chasing the words of an angel on high

    Keep on writing you were meant to scribe
    The words of the angels you can describe
    Your view of the world is a magic gift
    Lift up your eyes no need to drift

    Your path is straight and your course is true
    Follow your heart and you will see this through
    The veil of life can sometime be black
    But you eyes see through it do not turn back

    Continue on your path of life
    At the end we’ll be together after the strife
    For now I wish you love and good times
    The Eagle bows to the angel he loves

  2. Thanks Reine – really beautiful. Especially love this line. “I am the living experience of trust, that what is not seen, encases us.”

    For me that’s an awesome analogy for faith or knowing what’s not seen, what’s we feel we can’t touch is always here and real – no matter if trying to grasp with the mind can’t capture it. Like who can catch the wind and why would we hope to?

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