Many Moons And Suns

Many moons and many suns, came to pass as the change begun.
In the canyons the wild cries, heard from the land and rained from the skies.
Sacred earth her horizon shifts, her rivers rise and her people listen.
We are children, the Elders are teaching;
In the trees, the creatures and air we breathe – lessons.
Sit with Creation, sit as Nature, what we become, we can feel,
Is the space we have the light to heal – it all.
Chant your blessings, there is fire in your eyes;
Be one in stillness, kiss the skies.
Gather in thanks, move close to peace;
In your heart, the answers reach.
Share your wisdom, open your hands;
Take responsibility for our lands.
Help each other to understand, this is our chance;
To re-create man.


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