Sit in the warmth of this place;
Here is solitude.
A gift of sacred space, where you can jut be.
Come close your eyes and breathe.
In the tall grass and gentle breeze;
Here is simplicity.
Born is a moment; quiet is the mind, bright is the light.
What was once a reaching tree to the sky;
Is now an invitation to release.
As you sit in tranquility – you are the tree child.
Your dreams the trunk, your wild abandon the branches, your memories the leaves.
Dance in Spirit with the wind.
Your truth, the roots that drink so deeply.
Grow and flourish under the call of spring;
Let go and renew in the autumn’s retreat.
In summer – thrive and be all that is alive.
In winter, resonate healing and peace.
Here you are beauty.
Come and know this solitude;
It all begins with you.


3 thoughts on “Solitude

  1. In the heart of nature lies the love in your heart
    Winter lies before you – summer sun will depart
    Under a blanket of snow the land lives in solitude
    Till the warmth of spring and life begins in gratitude

    The world is change
    The pictures in the sky reflect the mountain range
    Let your heart understand the world
    Understand that change is there to transform

    Like the world your heart knows the seasons of life
    Allow your heart to guide you there will be no strife
    The seasons within us allow us to accept change
    Embrace with spirit and life will rearrange

    The seeds we planted in the fall rise up
    The Wolf howls as she cares for her pups
    The Eagle soars high above hear her call
    The solitude of winter has ended until the next fall

    • Thankyou Leslie for sharing with me your beautiful light and writing.

      The solitude of winter is healing,
      Make peace in this space with all you are feeling.
      Winter is the blanket of healing waters,
      It glistens and hushes all of our troubles.
      Change is true trust, change is letting go of all the ideas of need and want.
      Change is the moment, you accept the journey.
      No matter what is will be, in gratitude and love, change is solitude standing.

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