From Life Circles To Life In The Light

We have been living life in a way we have been flowing in circles. We have become aware of reaching certain points of the circle where we have learned to observe and make any changes needed or flow through it as needed. We have now come to a point of awareness and being that is awake that for many of us here, circles of being are no longer serving us.
Observe light, we ARE light. We come from the light. Knowing this, we know that light expands and is not a circle, but an ever reaching and expanding space.
When we move from this state of being where we live in circles, we then move into a space of light; where we are now expanding and reaching beyond just lessons or repetitive life ‘being’.
Though life is experience and always moving, we are now in a space of existing where we are conscious and connected to Source and aware we ARE ONE.
There is nothing to ‘do’ to move from living life as a circle and now in the light; it just IS. Simply expanding and allowing all we are to shine as the light we are, begins to transform us into the space of light. As we shift, so is our being. These circles of life are no longer WHAt we are. They are no longer needed to observe to ‘be’. I ask you to ask your heart this now; if I AM LIGHT, am I also expanding, reaching and illuminating? Then also is my existence doing the same? Do I need to live in a circle to expand in consciousness? What do the circles of life continue to serve as in this state of light and consciousness? Release this circle and move into the light of all we ARE.

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