How We Use Silence

Silence it was said, is golden. there is truth in this when we are dealing with self.
When we are silent with others who we have upset or hurt, this silence becomes a self-preservation, an act of ego. When we move into silence so we may observe or allow truth to reveal, this is a Mastery. When we use silence to not be ‘held to’ or ‘captured in’ a situation we do not want to be held accountable for; this is not any Mastery. Silence is a space of allowance and observation; not a space we can move into that gives us freedom. Silence used as manipulation to save ones self from others ideas of us or our actions is not Mastery. Silence is not stillness. In Stillness; we are directly connected to Source. IT just IS. Silence is the observation of what IS NOT. For we must observe to know the space of silence. We must be aware of the space we are in to become silent. We do not become still, we ARE stillness. When we stop using silence as an answer or to avoid, we can then understand how silence allows beauty, healing, trust and love through. Being silent with another in the space of love allows love to flow. Being silent with another in the space of fear, anger, guilt, or avoidance creates ripples upon ripples of this that affect all.
We are asked to be mindful, this is also in how we are silent. Golden silence is a space of love and peace, all other silence is removing love and replacing it with a ‘why’ you are silent. Always take into consideration if your silence is hurting other/s. Love has no intention other than unconditional, so give no conditions to love and never use silence ON others, may silence always connect you to I AM THAT I AM.
Love and light to all.

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