In Your Darkest Hours (a prayer)

I sat still, awaiting what to do;
Begging angles to guide you through.
Trying to find the right words, trying to touch the right space;
Praying for just a moment of clarity, you would see.
Where I am, if you could reach, all of these lessons fit perfectly.
The most profound pain, the unbearable savage of actions;
The lost breath, the shallow heartbeat; as you broke into pieces and lay down from your knees.
I see beauty. I see light, I see the child inside the eyes.
I see yesterday burn, I see you screaming and asking why must it hurt?
I see a promise, I see the crush, I see all you believed and how deep you trust.
I see you searching for that woman you knew, how could she change so quickly with you?
I see in the desperate attempt to break through, you reminded her of all the times that were good.
I see the will to live leave your heart, I see the shattered man want to die.
But in the waves of turmoil and strife, I see beyond your mind.
I see purpose, I see creation, I see light and love’s transformation.
I see a life letting go, of all the expectations and sensations we try to own.
Your children’s reflection unfold in your hands, your moments won’t define the man.
What now seems impossible, is divine intervention;
what is taken, is replaced with Heaven.
Know soft soul, in the darkest hour;
All you are, has come to flower.
Find a stream of sunbeam on the wall, find a song that grabs hold on the radio.
Find a few notes to strum on the guitar, find the twinkle of a far off star.
Find an old photo and hang it on the wall, of a little boy with an honest smile.
Let the tears flow. Let the emotions go, let the suffering and sorrow show;
You came so far, climbed the ladder, lived into tomorrow.
This is your construction, your re-design, your invocation, your inspiration, your experience of life.
Take responsibility and shine.
You are not alone, take my hand one more time.

3 thoughts on “In Your Darkest Hours (a prayer)

  1. All I feel is tears, beneath these shallow fears.
    All I hear is wisdom from a heart that’s like a prism
    A voice of reason in such a season with darkness always near.
    Thy cup runneth over and covered you in clover, your love is always dear.

    ~ Love&Peace ~
    Your obedient servant,

    • Dear Michael, your light shines as a resonant star. Your gift of honesty and love I cherish. Keep shining glorious soul, you make a difference. My deepest gratitude for you.

      • HELLO REINE,
        Your gifts of words, have saved me many times from sliding down a dark tunnel of delusion,
        AT my very worst, You bring out my very best,……. you’re amazing….I just want to thank you for a beautiful year of insight and inspiration….

        obeisances from a devotee,

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