Here is peace.

A melody of hue and serenity.

Here is stillness and the immaculate dream.

A never-ending fire, a place of divinity.

Here is where breath catches and in each heartbeat – you reach deep.

A lifetime of purpose, an illuminated sanctuary.

Here is the beginning and ending of time.

Forever; is the horizon.

Traveler; journey across the sea.

Nomad, here you see infinity.

Bend to your knees and surrender;

Thy Spirit shall eclipse with creation;

Your eyes find clarity.

The symphony of light is calling to thee.

Pouring through eternity, a beautiful memory.

Touch the vision with hands and heart;

Before you reveals all you are.





Belong (The Story Of The Eagle And Butterfly)

It was told, such a long time ago,

An Eagle would fly across an ocean.

A journey of trust and devotion.

A butterfly would catch his eyes, she changed the moment.

The winds drew him high, gave his purpose motion.

As he landed on the shore of her existence, her wings drew a rhythm – he lifted her Spirit.

The horizon met the earth, there was love and there was birth;

In this breath was the beginning.

As his wings touched hers, he whispered; We belong together.

It was told by the Elders, they must build a garden,

Allow creation to kiss their hands.

As they seed the dirt, with heart and gratitude – your lives will expand.

What shall grow from this space, with healing grace, your place in Heaven.

Go on in peace was the blessing, remember your calling, give back all you’re given;

Know children of Nature;

Your lives are the Medicine.