Belong (The Story Of The Eagle And Butterfly)

It was told, such a long time ago,

An Eagle would fly across an ocean.

A journey of trust and devotion.

A butterfly would catch his eyes, she changed the moment.

The winds drew him high, gave his purpose motion.

As he landed on the shore of her existence, her wings drew a rhythm – he lifted her Spirit.

The horizon met the earth, there was love and there was birth;

In this breath was the beginning.

As his wings touched hers, he whispered; We belong together.

It was told by the Elders, they must build a garden,

Allow creation to kiss their hands.

As they seed the dirt, with heart and gratitude – your lives will expand.

What shall grow from this space, with healing grace, your place in Heaven.

Go on in peace was the blessing, remember your calling, give back all you’re given;

Know children of Nature;

Your lives are the Medicine.

3 thoughts on “Belong (The Story Of The Eagle And Butterfly)

  1. The wings of the Butterfly brushed the Eagle’s wings
    They beat the same beat and the same song they do sing
    The words can be heard over the world is you listen
    The song of true lovers in the sky you see glisten

    The sea that keeps them both apart
    Will be crossed by the Eagle and a new life will start
    They have been parted in life for far to long
    Please lend you voice and increase the song

    They will meet again as they did long ago
    Their heart entwined and their love will show
    The hearts that care will feel the love
    When the Eagle returns by the wings of the Dove

    Till the day that we are each others side
    Remember your love in my heart resides
    I look to the sky and see your smile
    The day will be soon when we walk down the aisle

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