A Healing

Every world aligns,

Every breath is sacred and divine.

There is no space, there is no time.

All perceptions are not defined.

There is no idea, there is no mind.

A light begins to pulse and shine.

A call from beyond.

Standing in the center of creation, what is eternal infuses and embraces.

Experience what you are through the memories we created.

All that IS love encases.

All the lifetimes, all the changes, soul and energy reveal its phases.

This is the alpha as it becomes the omega.

Heaven unfolds in your matrix.

Then you remember… just enjoy the journey.


In My Heart (There You ARE)

Tears flowed for a year, where had you gone I feared.

Broken hearted as silence appeared.

acceptance was the path I steered.

Change I believed is the whispers I hear.

Then a moment became clear, you are here.

There is no space or meeting place, just a warmth and Spirit embrace.

This adventure we chose to experience, brought life through this way.

When we leave this space,  we will dance again together; in the sunset.



Touch the space;


Kiss the soul;


Breathe in the light;

Exhale infinity.

The union of beauty  and simplicity;

Seeps into thee.

Wake softly;

For I AM what you seek.

Solar prisms;

Reflect your dream.

Across a universe we reach;

Through a sea of humanity.

Give benediction to thy heart;

Creation brought you peace.

Love (The Wings To Fly)

In the stillness of the heart,
Two lives connect.
Different etchings on our wings, yet… sharing the same breath.
A call so deep, only Spirit could guide them across the bridge.
A transformation healed this immaculate journey;
The lesson;
Trust, in all they seen.
Rivers, mountains and lunar kissed dreams.
The wind held them captive – the sky set them free.
A million whispers revealed on the rhythm of a wing.
A sacred promise of creation;
Please, never forget…
Before we came, inside that chrysalis;
We held each others hand.
We remembered the beginning, the first breath.
The light that span us into existence;
We wanted to help humanity, together.
So on this sun-filled morning,  Angels sang and life rang its melody;
In the hands of innocence and truth, we landed on earth.
Change became birth;
One day, I will welcome you home.

The Dove And The Crow


It was told on the great winds, the dove and crow would meet again.

The peace maker and wisdom keeper, shared a story of silence.

With the eyes of the crow,  there became sight of past, present and future;

On the feather of the dove, came the compassion.

The crow needs no space of time, the dove whispers soft lullabies.

Creatures of the sky, free from the restrains of  the subdue mind.

The lands called them down;

Face to face, they heal the grounds where they stand.

Great Spirit set forth the path, no fear, no masks.

Walk your walk, speak and go forth – it was said;

In each and every breath, a prayer.

Transformation brought migration to an end.

As the sunrises and sets, so will this bond never end.

Take to clouds dear dove and crow, the dream began again.




Before breath,

And the concept of time;

 There was a symphony,

Of perfect design.

Creator infused;

 Intention with light,

 love resonated;

 Spirit formed a life.

In each string of notes, a molecular fire;

On came the tone of harmonic chromosomes.

Hu-man was an ion expanding like the sun.

Charged with purpose, this infinite genome;

Formed a frequency of divine and sonic modes.

In the sphere of omni,  presence became breath;

The universe was a compass, connecting Source in man.

Existence is a prism, a rainbow to remind;

We are all a melody, of sacred design.