The Dove And The Crow


It was told on the great winds, the dove and crow would meet again.

The peace maker and wisdom keeper, shared a story of silence.

With the eyes of the crow,  there became sight of past, present and future;

On the feather of the dove, came the compassion.

The crow needs no space of time, the dove whispers soft lullabies.

Creatures of the sky, free from the restrains of  the subdue mind.

The lands called them down;

Face to face, they heal the grounds where they stand.

Great Spirit set forth the path, no fear, no masks.

Walk your walk, speak and go forth – it was said;

In each and every breath, a prayer.

Transformation brought migration to an end.

As the sunrises and sets, so will this bond never end.

Take to clouds dear dove and crow, the dream began again.


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