Love (The Wings To Fly)

In the stillness of the heart,
Two lives connect.
Different etchings on our wings, yet… sharing the same breath.
A call so deep, only Spirit could guide them across the bridge.
A transformation healed this immaculate journey;
The lesson;
Trust, in all they seen.
Rivers, mountains and lunar kissed dreams.
The wind held them captive – the sky set them free.
A million whispers revealed on the rhythm of a wing.
A sacred promise of creation;
Please, never forget…
Before we came, inside that chrysalis;
We held each others hand.
We remembered the beginning, the first breath.
The light that span us into existence;
We wanted to help humanity, together.
So on this sun-filled morning,  Angels sang and life rang its melody;
In the hands of innocence and truth, we landed on earth.
Change became birth;
One day, I will welcome you home.

2 thoughts on “Love (The Wings To Fly)

  1. a cord has been strung
    from to here and beyond
    it sparkles and vibrates
    wildly every time
    I feel you near
    I follow those harmonies
    as I know
    they will lead me back
    to you

    how wonderful and wild… just this week 3 of these butterflies followed me all day
    stopping to sit and fan near me….held me in their view…reminding me of my connection
    to someone gone….like a song on the wing

    grateful to find your words today and for the words they inspired from me ♥

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