The Place In Time



I don’t know where it all stands,

I don’t know where it all ends.

Not sure how I loved you so quick,

Don’t know how the worlds collide,

Not sure how I touch the light;

I travel time, space is just an observation of the conscious mind.

Don’t know why the Angels still cry,

Can’t understand the concept of goodbye.

All I do know, is the experience of life.

How in the deepest breath, my heart can reach,

Don’t know why tides turn, why we live in fear when we’re here to learn.

Not sure the fate of the earth,

I do know we return to the universe.

Not sure why we believe we move on, because all we explore here imprints our souls;

Don’t know why some seem like strangers,

I do know before this existence I remember all I now encounter.

Why do we still not trust and touch,

Make every excuse to wait and clutch,

All it takes is a moment of peace to remember the promise;

Life is immaculate,

But love is eternal.






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