A Story Of Remembrance

It was told in the winds as I sat beneath the tree. Ask and truth reveals. In return, trust even when others turn away. We knew what would reach us here, what would reach heart. So in this life, the moments that get inside, are meant to. Listen and follow, for here is your story… why you came.

As she wept, Great Spirit; cried the woman of the moss and willows, what has come of all you showed me? Why has  the journey strayed from the visions given my whole life?

In this moment, the earth hummed and the deepest tone came from within, like her breath stopped and began again as the winds that now surrounded her.

Remember child, for it is time. This is your story…

Many moons and suns ago, before the two-legged walked the earth, there was the children of creation.

The children danced and resonated the most beautiful light within creator.

They loved each other in a way that no sentient creature on two legs or four may have the ability to express. Great Spirit allowed the children to create. As they sang the song of light, breath was created and sound. Life formed and existence became so.

Great Spirit was pleased with this and gave each of them a purpose. Child he said to them, you shall be the sun and rain across the lands. You child shall rise as fire in the sky, Sun shall you be called and bring warmth and light to the creation called humanity. Many will heal in your glory, many will walk miles beneath your fire and guidance. Rise on the cusp of all that is new child and so shall the universe in benediction with you. Great Spirit then called the other Rain. you child shall be the waters of life; all that is two and four-legged will drink as you flow. They shall find healing in your surrounding and the earth shall thrive as you cover it. In the most immaculate fusion of all that IS, Creator entwined them. Sent into the universe with a promise, your purpose will connect you both always. You are balance and your love is what will bring through the truth always. As you both journey many lifetimes and experience all the lessons of existence, you shall be guided together always. Go now and live your purpose children, until we meet again…

As it was told, many lifetimes pass and much wisdom and healing came to them both. The Sun kept the promise and rose in glory. The Rain washed away all that was old to make room for all that is new. The promise was the space of all that is eternal.

It was time Great Spirit called them both back in the space under the tree of creation to rest. The Sun became so happy and began to resonate the most beautiful sound of peace , Creator spoke, “Behold, this is the everlasting light, go forth as man and you shall reach all with your song.” The Rain was to stay and watch the Sun, observe beauty child, you will be given the chance to heal the last of all lessons in this lifetime, the lesson of trust. Trust that love is eternal and will create forever.

The Rain was to stay under the tree of life as the Sun went first to the land of Earth as man. It rained for much time in the heavens, she wept to be as the sun was. She wanted to join him and be alive. Great Spirit called all 4 corners to send the breath of life through the rain and give her life. So it was… The Rain became woman and life formed inside her. The Sun came many years before her to gather the last bit of wisdom needed on this last journey. Before they both came, they promised they would remember each other. Great Spirit gave him the gift of song, gave her the gift of  verse. When these paths cross again, the Sun and Rain will blend again; from here the flowers of creation will bloom. Music children it was told. There will be no doubts in your hearts who you are.  You have spent many lifetimes together, each you have learned great things. But till now, neither trusted enough to come together again. This time, your balance of voice and verse will reach far deeper than any other lifetime.  Doubt will be your greatest lesson to move through.  You will be guided well. The way through, see the moments as markers in time, they are what you created before you came here and knew it would reach. In this space, the light of Home.

So with this story, the journey began, it is written in verse, in trust, with the guidance of Great Spirit.

And so it is… the sun rises and the rain falls.  There is peace on Earth.