It comes when you know, when heart centers, when purpose is known.
It reveals when all you came to be shines. When you walked your talk;
In the sunset and in every crisp morning breath.
When in your stillness, you have touched so much experience.
It comes when you’re no longer needed; because all the lives you entwined with have found their light.
It is here, you flow over this immaculate journey as a masterpiece.
It is here that it all makes sense.
It is in this space when every moment, every promise, ever lesson you have lived; becomes one.
When what mattered, is now part of the silence.
You look in the eyes of your loved ones different.
You slow your pace and review the grace you’ve been given.
A lifetime.

The Dream Tree

I am not by any means an artist. (I needed to draw this though)  For some time now I keep having a vision/dream and this is place/space/tree is where I sit. Many of my poems are about this tree and place/space that somehow is where it begins for me.

I am not sure why I am deeply compelled to share this, but I am.

Spirit and the breath of life is here for me.  I have a feeling it might mean something to another as well.

My gratitude for taking a moment to read this random blog I have shared.

Love and light to all.