The Canvas Of The Soul (Paint Me Creation)

Call me, the muse, the fire.
Touch me, I am between heartbeat and sky.
Taste me; I am the kiss that hushed your mind.
Hear me; from the other side.

5 thoughts on “The Canvas Of The Soul (Paint Me Creation)

  1. from the other side
    painted across the canvas of my day
    the love
    you shine
    for me to find

    inspired response mind to mind heart to heart across the sea of time :~)
    the picture .. your words… beauty unfolding

  2. Michael, from my heart, my deepest gratitude and love.
    June, I am in awe. Your words resonate with me. I feel each one. Thank you for sharing your light with me. My love to you.

  3. I turned my life upside down for a year forcing myself into what had made that experience so enormous for me. And not just for me. It seemed to me that her concentration and her generosity were a colossal triumph, because in many ways she in these performances was also merely a kind of centerpiece for high culture to rotate around like a carousel of painted ponies bobbing up and down. Like at a fine dinner there may be a centerpiece with plums and candles or whatever. Or a giant Thanksgiving turkey. And that was her. Or a maypole that people circulate around. And that is often what art is for people. And that’s also what ritual is. So it functions on both a low social level and on a very high level. And most of the people, or lets say half, are there to participate in it socially. But there are other people there that want to participate on another level or who cannot help it, who are hungry, whose souls are hungry.

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