Can Anyone Hear Me (An Echo in time)



A choice of life, here to lift the veil of the blind.
A moment imprinting the waves of time, how can I reach the hearts from the light?
A glimmer, a ripple, a whisper in the night.
Come stand on the shore, can they hear me anymore;
A true soul shines.

Touching The Space

Aug23rd2012 135


In the tone of silence, there is the essence;

The experience.

The transformation of existence.

A halo of dreams plays out as we watch.

In this moment, we touch all we really are.

Greeting us in this space, all those who made a promise;

Then the center of creation whispers, welcome home.

As we begin to see, we are the colors, the waters,  the gardens as the heartbeat of Spirit.

Touch this space awake, all the wonderings of the mind and body,  reveal in grace.

All the levels of  this sacred place, helped you plan a living state.

The immaculate design of humanity.

You understand how we continue now,  explore your soul’s infinity.



The Wooden Heart (Listen)

The heart of the tree of life

The heart of the tree of life

Held in the center, the median of creation;
A lesson, a message.
Children of Nature, what your eyes cannot see, your trust can;
In the whispering winds, in the echo of hue-man…
A benediction;
The heart beating, is the symphony of all that IS living.