My Wildlife Habitat Certification (A Dream Come True)


It has been a immaculate experience creating a habitat for all the wildlife in my area. I am very lucky to live in a community that has a refuge and reserve for many beautiful creatures. Smith’s Point

as well as Wertheim National Wildlife Refuge are only a few blocks away. This has given me the chance to see and learn about so many birds, animals and insects that come to visit my home. We also have SouthHaven park

With many types of water fowl that make their way around here. From humming birds, deer, butterflies of many kinds to woodpeckers, wild turkey, and even humming bird moths! All these creatures have visited my garden and have brought my the most profound joys and teachings. For this gift, I am deeply grateful to them.  We are all here on Mother Earth as children, I believe as we share this space with Nature, we see our reflection and hear it’s light. I hope I am gifted with many more years of flowers and plants gracing my land; as well as all the creatures big and small visiting that teach me so much.

The Way Of The Elders


In the hush of the vastness, in the truth of the wilderness;

The great waters whisper to us; “come back children.”

What woe do you lay at our river beds?

Where are your opens hearts, where is your innocence?

What do you ask of the lands, what do you build in the greed of your heads?

As you walk in your weariness, take off your shoes and rest.

From stone and earth, it is time for the birth;

of the simple ways once again.

On your knees and hands, between your fingers, feel the sand.

This is the place where you heal with each breath.

All creatures are kindred spirits; they come to teach us Nature’s wisdom.

The sun, the moon and the stars overhead, reveal the perfection. as we surrender to the moment.

Creator  is the presence, the peace, the stillness.

We are given this gift, in the way of the Elders.


Then give back all you’re given.

The Dream Of The Rose

Photo Taken by Reine

Photo Taken by Reine

There is a story, in every fold;
In every layer and every thorn.
There is moment that drips from each petal,
A memory, a vision, a wish of forever.
There is intention encased in it’s glow,
There is love in the fragrance that caresses the soul.
With eyes held closed, a prayer is spoke;
It’s revealed to heaven in the dream of the rose.