(Angel) A Prayer Of Honest Intention

From the most sacred and pure space
I ask
Forgive me for all the pain
For all the misunderstandings
For all the doubts
For all the expectations.
Forgive me for seeming filled with self pity;
For acting so needy
For speaking; when silence mattered.
For in the lonely hours, calling and pulling;
For repeating myself time and again.
For missing everything.
For not listening.
Now I see, the true meaning of love.
Unconditional trusting in the unity.
Angel; this is my prayer of honest intent.

The Eternal Song

The sun falls around my being as chimes,
Warmth spreads from deep inside.
A whisper floats over my eyes, a hand reaches and spans across time.
A gentle kiss hushes my mind;
You reveal encased in light;
The eternal song, where we entwine.
In this purpose of love divine, a million mysteries synchronize.
All creation speaks your name,
Nature reminds us why we came.
We are the eternal flame.
So as your day breaks, know as you breathe into being;
Across the vivid dream…
We are free.