Life Waters


In a existence before this, there is an experience;
I remember the absolution of living waters.
In the hush of creation, you change your vibration;
Now you are fluid – so alive in movement.
How I ask, will you know me so deeply?
As you pour through my light, you blend into me.
No kiss on earth, no silence, no stillness or promise;
Could reveal this fusion of perfect bliss.
We are not form;
We are endless.
You trace my Spirit and I touch the sacred,
This is the unspoken, the unfathomed, the infinite.
Teach me I beg, to explore you as water.
To quench your thirst in the deepest blue.
You imprint the vision until I am mortal;
To remind me… in this lifetime, of love in heaven.

A Special Place

The dream

The dream

In the softest slumber
I hear a whispering
A pull of my Spirit
And I wake from the sleep.
The sky is rose and the light calls above me;
A warm sensation surrounds my being.
Here; I am the grass, the flowers and the trees.
They have a sacred melody.
You come through the resonating;
Why have you brought me?
Is this our place of peace?
I feel the healing rise from beneath.
You speak;
It comes from within, and our hearts beat in unity.
Here we are free, we’ve waited so long to connect; here it can be.
As the sun rises along earth’s horizons;
I walk between worlds and blend in the beauty.
Who are you… in the special place you call me.