A Special Place

The dream

The dream

In the softest slumber
I hear a whispering
A pull of my Spirit
And I wake from the sleep.
The sky is rose and the light calls above me;
A warm sensation surrounds my being.
Here; I am the grass, the flowers and the trees.
They have a sacred melody.
You come through the resonating;
Why have you brought me?
Is this our place of peace?
I feel the healing rise from beneath.
You speak;
It comes from within, and our hearts beat in unity.
Here we are free, we’ve waited so long to connect; here it can be.
As the sun rises along earth’s horizons;
I walk between worlds and blend in the beauty.
Who are you… in the special place you call me.

6 thoughts on “A Special Place

    • I am very grateful for the moment you’ve each taken to read the poem and reply. I have not been writing much… but when it comes, it pours through strong and I want to share. My love to you each.

  1. There are times when the whisper of winds beckons to be lifted above concerns and while in deep thought, praying or when kneeling to pick a special flower, we see how it resembles us, transcending from a tiny, infant seed before it lovingly grew. I prefer to believe that we all have a special flower hidden within.

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