Strong Enough

Oh my God, brought to my knees;
Deep fear rooted me.
What if I remember the feelings?
What if I bleed?
Am I strong enough to go into that space again?
Has my heart and soul healed enough yet?
I take the first step;
I listen.
A million lifetimes surface;
A world-wind of breathlessness.
A immaculate stillness.
Where have I been?
I touch Heaven again.
Oh how I beg, please don’t let me leave again.
This is who I am.
Spirit’s dance.
Tears flow like a prayer.
My being rings like chimes of the immaculate.
These are the moments; that make it all worth it.

4 thoughts on “Strong Enough

    • Sacredone, many times I have read your blogs and though I might not always comment; you have brought me such inspiration and guidance. I am deeply grateful for all you share. Love to you beautiful light!

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