Eternal Drum

Across the Universe I beat;
I am the Great Mystery.
I am the living energy,
The metamorphosis of beauty.
I am the trinity.
In every step of humanity;
In every breath of longevity.
I am the triumph, the purpose, the eternal heartstrings.
I am the infinite beginning;
I am the solitary moments, the wisdom, the healing.
I am the inspiration, the dedication, the whispering.
I am the silence of all that is;
I am the source, the vision, the quest.
In creation there is all that is sacred;
I am the muse of Seventh Heaven.
I am the Eternal drum, the rippled hum, the key to everything.
Experience the rhythm.
Love is symposium.
You are the Gifted.
Open your space of reason,
Allow the feeling.
Embrace the music;
Sing… forever.


Nov11th2014 048

Surrounded by greed,glutton, selfishness and anger.
By jealousy, insecurity, blame ridden strangers.
I try so hard to see past these illusions;
To show them another way through the confusion.
I failed to do it.
My soul bleeds and trembles to tears;
I’d give my life to help them past their fears.
I watch the chances pass for them to see;
The lessons are in mercy for them to be free.
Yet, they always blame me.
I’ve tried to stay quiet, I have tried to listen;
I have tried to guide them, I have tried to give in;
Even just for a moment… if the stars would glisten.
I pray to their guides, their angels and higher-selves,
Open their hearts to the love and the help.
Everyone’s journey is different I know;
But the purpose of life is to learn and to grown.
I am part of the puzzle, chosen before we came;
I hope I am strong enough to keep centered and sane.
My gratitude is deep;
My life not in vain;
I can’t carry the burdens of their sorrows and pain.
So in these words I sit and write,
Is a plead for more clarity and understanding from the light.

Vietnam’s Angels (a poem for my Father) I love you

Should I shoot, or should I flee?
I pray to my god,
Will you please help me?
I live on water,
I sleep on dirt,
My arms full of blood,
But my hearts’ where I hurt.
I’ve lost my hope and my life long friend,
As the bombs explode,
I ask, “will it end?”
To the family I write, who wait at home,
Don’t worry about me, your lives must go on.
In your hours of sleep, I sit awake;
As you listen to music, I listen to screams.
Going numb in the will to survive,
As mortars and gun shots bring blood to our eyes.
Will I lead my men through the battle in vain?
Will they hold it together and fight through the pain?
In the nightmares that follow, where silence is loud.
Will the echoes of death become faces in a crowd?
When this war is over, I won’t be the same.
Will my country embrace me;
As I walk off the plane?
Will the seekers of peace understand my situation?
I was drafted and told I must fight for our nation.
Will they see I enlisted to do what I can, in honor of a nation that promised freedom?
on this day, at noon;
I will bow my head,
In honor of the soldiers;
May love fill each breath.



A million points of light gather beneath our feet.
In my dreams, we dance on the sea.
Every droplet creates a symphony.
Once tears from an Angel’s breath;
Fallen to earth by a broken heart.
Now in an enchanted castle made of sand;
I reach out my hands,
Listen close for my love on the winds.