Vietnam’s Angels (a poem for my Father) I love you

Should I shoot, or should I flee?
I pray to my god,
Will you please help me?
I live on water,
I sleep on dirt,
My arms full of blood,
But my hearts’ where I hurt.
I’ve lost my hope and my life long friend,
As the bombs explode,
I ask, “will it end?”
To the family I write, who wait at home,
Don’t worry about me, your lives must go on.
In your hours of sleep, I sit awake;
As you listen to music, I listen to screams.
Going numb in the will to survive,
As mortars and gun shots bring blood to our eyes.
Will I lead my men through the battle in vain?
Will they hold it together and fight through the pain?
In the nightmares that follow, where silence is loud.
Will the echoes of death become faces in a crowd?
When this war is over, I won’t be the same.
Will my country embrace me;
As I walk off the plane?
Will the seekers of peace understand my situation?
I was drafted and told I must fight for our nation.
Will they see I enlisted to do what I can, in honor of a nation that promised freedom?
on this day, at noon;
I will bow my head,
In honor of the soldiers;
May love fill each breath.


2 thoughts on “Vietnam’s Angels (a poem for my Father) I love you

  1. as I child of the 60’s who matured in the 70’s I spent alot of time
    standing up against war
    then one day my father
    who never talked of his time during WW II
    as a ball turret gunner
    sat me down
    and he opened his soul
    and poured out a few memories to share
    in that moment
    I understood the boy, the man, my father
    and war
    in a way I never had before
    I will never forget, thank you for sharing this
    and yes may love fill each breath
    and may we find the way to all be
    without war.
    to remember to to walk towards a day without it

    peace love and light

    • Luna, I too am not and could never advocate war or harm of another living creature/being. I for many years could never listen to stories my Dad told of what he went through in Vietnam. It was not till I became more aware on my life journey that I could understand it was part of his. The fact my Father is the most kind hear-ted soul made me realize how that must have been for him to experience such a event. May we all learn from such horrors and begin to live in a more peaceful world. All my love to you kind woman.

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