Nov11th2014 048

Surrounded by greed,glutton, selfishness and anger.
By jealousy, insecurity, blame ridden strangers.
I try so hard to see past these illusions;
To show them another way through the confusion.
I failed to do it.
My soul bleeds and trembles to tears;
I’d give my life to help them past their fears.
I watch the chances pass for them to see;
The lessons are in mercy for them to be free.
Yet, they always blame me.
I’ve tried to stay quiet, I have tried to listen;
I have tried to guide them, I have tried to give in;
Even just for a moment… if the stars would glisten.
I pray to their guides, their angels and higher-selves,
Open their hearts to the love and the help.
Everyone’s journey is different I know;
But the purpose of life is to learn and to grown.
I am part of the puzzle, chosen before we came;
I hope I am strong enough to keep centered and sane.
My gratitude is deep;
My life not in vain;
I can’t carry the burdens of their sorrows and pain.
So in these words I sit and write,
Is a plead for more clarity and understanding from the light.


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