Be Gentle (Inspired by Patrick Smith)

May9th2013 012

Be gentle with yourself,
Our wings are made of wishes.
Be gentle with others,
Our hearts are made of promises.
The wind is gentle as it lifts us to serenity;
The trickling streams are gentle beneath our tired feet.
The rain is gentle as it washes away what is not needed.
The sun is gentle as it gifts us with such sacred heat.
The stars are gentle as they call us to dream;
The earth is gentle as it allows us to plant our seeds.
Spirit is gentle with the lessons and teachings;
The light is gentle as our souls are reaching.
Be gentle, for many eyes are weeping, many lives are seeking;
Much patience is breaking, as many are waking slowly.
With grace and ease, offer those who ask relief;
Even if for a moment to breathe,
Trust the conscious way to live,
Know you have the gift to give;
This is the experience of gentleness.

Ever After (The Inferno)


In a world here-after, there is a never ending.

A place where all the daydreams connect,  a sanctuary of wishes pending.

There are rivers of tears that sparkle like diamonds,

For every broken heart they came from,

Another turns a light on.

In this world our hearts are gold;

There is infinite beauty that shines from our souls.

All the promises begin to unfold;

All of the lessons we learned made us grow.

In this place we create as perfection;

All that surrounds us flows with connection.

There is nothing needed, nothing left behind;

There is no separation, we can feel with our minds.

Bonds unify as the eternal kind, kindred of Spirit reunite as divine.

Let go and trust, for in flight we go home;

The inferno of love changes us all.

Meet me again, in the ever after;

In the never ending,  in the now and forever…

The Seed Of Gratitude


The moment of intention,

A seed is planted.

A wish is granted,

To help it grow.

With eyes closed,

A prayer of hope,

Into the earth the seed shall go.

Quenched with the living waters,

Fed with the grace of love that is solar;

This is the space where we reap what we sow.

With every glorious morn,

The earth encourages a life to be born;

Through the soil green blessings adorn.

Nurtured by all of Nature,

It reaches for sun-lite,

a benediction to Creation.

With patience and care,

Entwined in the dancing air,

Cascaded in warm rains,

The seed is now a plant.

As I bow in Gratitude,

For it’s purpose it knew.

To nourish a family,

The most selfless act of being free.

Giving it’s life for another,

To a child and a mother;

So we may strengthen our energy.

All the elements it takes,

To help this seed create,

To become and to BE;

Now an endless part of me.

On this peaceful day, I offer up my thanks;

I celebrate,

The Seed of Gratitude.

Out On The Dunes


In the chasm of solar bliss,

Glistening like a lovers kiss.

Beyond the dunes a mind escapes;

The shoreline keeps a lonely secret.

A pathway appears to the golden sphere,

Spirit is calling to meet you here.

Within the stones, beneath the sands,

A million whispers and guiding hands.

Enter the sacred horizon within,

Infuse with fire and step out of your skin.

Allow the messages to flow again.

Feel the connection, swim in the flow;

For what is inside you, is a dream that you sow.

For every moment your thoughts reflect,

Center your being and hear your breath.

With every release, just take a step.

Where you are walking. no man can deny;

The door has opened to the other side.

Open your heart and close your eyes.

Surrounding your soul is the wave of light,

Pulling you to freedom from the illusions of why.

An Angel helps you paint the sky.

For when you return to the sentient skin, remember the lessons that Spirit has given.

Share with all creatures, let gratitude feed you;

Be of service to all who need you.

Cherish the challenges and see them as teachers,

Trust your purpose, you can always reach us.

Until you return, celebrate life;

You chose the journey, now do it right.

Altered Path (a tale of the Prairie maiden & the Warrior)

He loved her, she loved him. Their lives collided. He knew her, she knew him in another realm; Life had them divided. They were meant to meet, to connect; Yet… He chased Naike his wife who was having an affair. Naike had the affair because he was not there. He was too involved in his spears. He could not bear to let Naike go, when  he did… it hurt him so. They tried to make it work again; He let go of the other woman. Cut her off like a sin. But then…

Niake and him, went back to the same old thing. Two souls that needed a deeper meaning. Both could not let go of the life they built, so in guilt, they stayed. He turned to creation. He threw his whole being into carving and pipe making. Convinced himself it was to be this way. That other woman… she was just a dream. He could never forget her beautiful being. She left a part of his heart with meaning. She began again. She told herself he was just a friend. She moved on like he wanted. But her flute was haunted with him. Every note, resonated the shapes of his carvings. She stood in the winds and screamed; Why was our path altered…

oct20th2012 019

Little Man (for the boy in the black belt) a little champion

If you listen, right before you lay to bed;

Close your eyes little sleepy head,

I am there in every breath;

Your tears are diamonds on the wind.

I am closer then you can imagine.

I hear your heart beating and your dreams travel.

My light surrounds your darkest hours.

In your first seconds  of life, you were the blessing that gave me sight;

You gave me purpose through the journey of night.

You taught me patience, trust and love;

You gave me inspiration to carry on.

Little man; though my body was weak, my soul is healing and my pain is free.

I believe in you boobalah, for you it’s the beginning.

When your mind can be quiet, when your tears are silent;

You will hear me whisper and feel me by you.

I made some mistakes,

I did not understand,

Now I see clearly how life has a plan.

Never give up, never give in;

Do your best, live in the moment.

Life is a gift,

Make sure you own it.

From this side of Heaven, I will teach you;

I will guide you and never leave you.

One day… we will meet again.

This poem is a whisper from beyond for a friend.

Gloria (a prayer as you return home Grandma)


Woman of grace, woman of elegance;

In the arms of an Angel you went.

Your life was a precious gift.

Longing to be with your Husband,

You took a deep and sacred breath.

His face appeared in the distance;

Holding out his arms, you went to him.

Though we will miss you and all you give,

We will celebrate how you taught us to live.

In every day and every moment;

The love you left us, holds a promise.

Your heart is true, your ways were honest.

The children you bore shall hold you close,

In their prayers you journey home.

Within the light of Heaven you rise;

Dear Gloria, forever your memory shines.

With all my love Grandma, thank you for all you did here.