Little Man (for the boy in the black belt) a little champion

If you listen, right before you lay to bed;

Close your eyes little sleepy head,

I am there in every breath;

Your tears are diamonds on the wind.

I am closer then you can imagine.

I hear your heart beating and your dreams travel.

My light surrounds your darkest hours.

In your first seconds  of life, you were the blessing that gave me sight;

You gave me purpose through the journey of night.

You taught me patience, trust and love;

You gave me inspiration to carry on.

Little man; though my body was weak, my soul is healing and my pain is free.

I believe in you boobalah, for you it’s the beginning.

When your mind can be quiet, when your tears are silent;

You will hear me whisper and feel me by you.

I made some mistakes,

I did not understand,

Now I see clearly how life has a plan.

Never give up, never give in;

Do your best, live in the moment.

Life is a gift,

Make sure you own it.

From this side of Heaven, I will teach you;

I will guide you and never leave you.

One day… we will meet again.

This poem is a whisper from beyond for a friend.


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