Altered Path (a tale of the Prairie maiden & the Warrior)

He loved her, she loved him. Their lives collided. He knew her, she knew him in another realm; Life had them divided. They were meant to meet, to connect; Yet… He chased Naike his wife who was having an affair. Naike had the affair because he was not there. He was too involved in his spears. He could not bear to let Naike go, when  he did… it hurt him so. They tried to make it work again; He let go of the other woman. Cut her off like a sin. But then…

Niake and him, went back to the same old thing. Two souls that needed a deeper meaning. Both could not let go of the life they built, so in guilt, they stayed. He turned to creation. He threw his whole being into carving and pipe making. Convinced himself it was to be this way. That other woman… she was just a dream. He could never forget her beautiful being. She left a part of his heart with meaning. She began again. She told herself he was just a friend. She moved on like he wanted. But her flute was haunted with him. Every note, resonated the shapes of his carvings. She stood in the winds and screamed; Why was our path altered…

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