Out On The Dunes


In the chasm of solar bliss,

Glistening like a lovers kiss.

Beyond the dunes a mind escapes;

The shoreline keeps a lonely secret.

A pathway appears to the golden sphere,

Spirit is calling to meet you here.

Within the stones, beneath the sands,

A million whispers and guiding hands.

Enter the sacred horizon within,

Infuse with fire and step out of your skin.

Allow the messages to flow again.

Feel the connection, swim in the flow;

For what is inside you, is a dream that you sow.

For every moment your thoughts reflect,

Center your being and hear your breath.

With every release, just take a step.

Where you are walking. no man can deny;

The door has opened to the other side.

Open your heart and close your eyes.

Surrounding your soul is the wave of light,

Pulling you to freedom from the illusions of why.

An Angel helps you paint the sky.

For when you return to the sentient skin, remember the lessons that Spirit has given.

Share with all creatures, let gratitude feed you;

Be of service to all who need you.

Cherish the challenges and see them as teachers,

Trust your purpose, you can always reach us.

Until you return, celebrate life;

You chose the journey, now do it right.


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